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I. There is no there, there

video, sound, photographs, vinyl
April - June 2019

Time-based multimedia project aiming to explore movement + traces, using materials from a personal accumulation of images gathered over time across places. INFO


II. Attention

custom-made street signs
March - June 2019

Site-specific public intervention intended to engage with the local community, featuring 40+ reimagined signs with found texts + symbols from different places. INFO


III. Cracks [Fragments]

hand-cut photo prints
Jan - Feb 2019

Collage of fragments from an organic collection of cracked pavements cut along its fissures to form shapes, documented + archived as digital photographs. INFO


IV. Crush [No Sugar Trio]

C-type print from digital photo
Feb - Mar 2019

Still life photograph from a collection of discarded cans, hand-crushed to form sculptural textures that capture traces of touch + force on metallic surface. INFO


V. Neologic

video with sound
Jan - Feb 2019

Digital projection of geometric shapes and compositions in specific colour pallettes, spelling out initialisms from digital communication through morse code. INFO



digital slideshow
Oct - Dec 2019

Text compositions featuring words, ideas + stories from an accumulation of found graffiti documented as photographs, reimagined as digital graphic images with bold colours. INFO


VII. Archive Abstract

digital images
May - Dec 2018

Deconstructed images from a personal archive of digital photographs, an ongoing process of rediscovery + transformation using mobile apps + finger gestures. INFO


VIII. Jeder Traum Hat Seinen Weg

postcards + street signs
Aug - Sept 2018

Print installation of custom-made postcards + signs featuring found graffiti repackaged in a familiar format typically used in personal + commercial communications. INFO


IX. I Am Here Too

cardboard, banner, cans, bricks, graffiti
July - Nov 2018

Site-responsive project that attempted to engage with local communities through interactive events + installations, aiming to explore ideas around homelessness. INFO


X. A Tale of Two Cities

interactive QR signs
June - Sept 2018

Site-specific public intervention through interactive QR code signs across two cities on opposite ends of England, an attempt to reflect on divisions + connections. INFO


XI. Memory Cloud

video with sound
Jan - March 2018

Digital projection of merging colour fields made from blurred mobile images, supported by fragments of spoken dialogue about remembrance from mainstream films. INFO


XII. The Steps We Take

C-type prints from scanner images
Feb - March 2018

A group of images showing the soles of shoes digitally scanned to capture marks + traces that show residue of its contacts with surfaces + places through movement. INFO