Jeder Traum Hat Seinen Weg

Projektraum Messing
Berlin, Germany
September 2018

Case Study:
Pop-up Exhibition

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JEDER TRAUM HAT SEINEN WEG was a pop-up installation at a project space in Berlin. Part of an ongoing series exploring raw graffiti, it featured a new iteration through 200+ postcards and signs presenting found texts left by anonymous strangers in public places. 
The exhibit provided opportunities to further develop an idea and experiment with installation within the parameters of a specific space and context. It also offered practical skills which included research, organisation, management, promotion and communication.
The pop-up was conceived from a desire to return to Berlin where this particular concept began. Following some research on potential project spaces, Projektraum Messing was identified primarily due to its location near creative communities, its previous engagements with emerging artists, and its proximity to the origin of the title. A proposal was developed, submitted and approved over the summer months, starting a process of production and coordination.
There were plenty of challenges along the way, from practical restrictions due to distance, spacial considerations and limited budget, to linguistic, cultural and geographic barriers, all of which were addressed accordingly with a mix of research, perseverance, flexibility and patience.
Most importantly, the experience provided hands-on development on various aspects of the art world, including: research and development; curation; installation and deinstallation; graphic design; packaging and delivery; outsourced fabrication; press and marketing; and gallery management for the duration of the event.