Ugly Duck
London, UK
February 2019

Case Study:
Group Exhibition

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POSTOPIA was a group exhibition at the Ugly Duck project space in Bermondsey, London which included my video project Neologic (2019), pictured above. Organised by Uncovered Collective, it provided an opportunity to gain professional and creative experience, including: video production, writing, installation, and thematic research.

Part of the In Transition season exploring technology and human behaviour, the video was developed as a response to the theme while continuing pre-existing experiments related to the subject. The resulting work - a projection of colourful geometric shapes punctuated by a morse code soundtrack - attempts to explore the impact of digital culture on language and communication by visually dissecting initialisms found online.

The main challenge for this project is presentation, a typical consideration for video works which carry a significant influence on its reception. A few options were considered and proposed to the curating team, from using TV screens to multiple projection configurations, each dependent on available space and other works on show.

The project was allocated a wall for large-scale projection in a relatively dark area within a large space with some natural and artificial lights, which seemed to have worked well enough for its purpose. For future improvement, it might be useful to consider situating this video in a completely dark room if available to enhance its immersive and retinal quality. It might also help to explore more discreet installation options whenever possible to reduce potential distractions from the physicality of the projector and audio equipments (illustrated below), both of which are peripheral in the intended experience of the work.

Beyond the video, my contribution included assistance in writing the proposal and press release, as well as lending a hand during installation and deinstallation, all of which were useful in practising professional and practical skills.