Notes on Practice

personal reflection

June 2019

Case Study:
Professional Practice

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For the past two years, I attempted to develop a sustainable practice by working in ways that suited my personal circumstances while aiming to test ideas that reflected my genuine interests, which at present revolve around accumulations, traces, and places.

I am grateful to have had the platform and support to experiment with different subjects, materials and methods, which I was able to do throughout the MFA. Admittedly, however, I was not able to do this to the fullest extent I had hoped due to internal and external factors, but the process nevertheless improved my practice in significant ways.

I was, for instance, able to expand my work as intended by seeking elements of relational aesthetics (I Am Here Too), psychogeography (There Is No There, There), and public intervention (A Tale of Two Cities), all of which suited my mode of working and I intend to carry these forward as I continue to find new avenues to consider.

And with my recent project, Attention, perhaps my most ambitious effort within this context, I feel more experienced and able to further develop the ideas I began to cultivate, especially as some of them have yet to reach fruition partly because they are by nature open-ended, durational and/or situational.

Moving forward, I aim to actively pursue possibilities in these areas and others, many of which are still ongoing and with more potential to unpack given a chance. And as such I welcome any opportunities to show and/or experiment with these concepts and more, so please feel free to reach out if any of these align with your own intentions.