Jeder Traum Hat Seinen Weg

custom-made postcards + signs

Aug - Sept 2018


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JEDER TRAUM HAT SEINEN WEG (2018) is a collection of 200+ postcards and signs originally created for a pop-up installation in a project space in Berlin. Using simple designs with a bold colour palette, each image presents a piece of text from an ongoing project exploring graffiti found in public spaces.
This new iteration of the concept provided an opportunity to experiment away from merely recording found texts to the possibilities of appropriation as a way to amplify its visibility. In this case, it was attempted through graphic text designs on familiar print communication formats.

Various versions were considered, from posters to banners, but spacial, geographic and budget restrictions favoured smaller, cheaper and lighter alternatives. There were further challenges along the way, from language barriers in organisation and promotion, to limited local knowledge, and some colour combinations looking harsh in print. Nevertheless, with perseverance and patience, the pop-up went ahead as planned and managed to attract some local visitors over the course of a weekend.

The title phrase loosely translates into English as ‘every dream has its way,’ a graffiti etched on the side of a bridge near the project space documented in 2011. It became the foundation for this series which so far includes a small photobook (Poet Fool, 2016), some graphic prints (Signs No. 1 & 2, 2017) and this pop-up installation (2018). This also led to the video slideshow HEY (2018).

The approach to this version of the project was partially inspired by artists who often work with texts: from Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger with their relentless use of powerful language to penetrate public discourse and physical spaces; to the pioneering conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner who demonstrates the potential of texts as sculptural images, visual objects and raw materials unto itself.