video with sound

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019


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Neologic is an audiovisual symphony between digital geometric blocks and analogue morse code signal. The video aims to show pulsating patterns that represent initialisms commonly used in telecommunications and the internet today - from LOL to NSFW, part of what some have referred to as ‘onscreen language’ born out of ubiquitous electronic devices.

Embracing the aesthetic traditions of geometric abstraction and minimalist graphic design, the work is an attempt to reflect on the impact of technological developments on the evolution of language by optically dissecting letters that form contemporary expressions used in online platforms.

The work was developed at the time for a specific group exhibition, Postopia, which hopes to consider the power of technology with its potential to influence how we interact and behave through new systems of communication that continue to emerge over time. Are we getting an upgrade? A downgrade? Or something else? 

This project also reflects recurring interests in the wider practice, including digital culture, technology, communication systems, geometric shapes and abstraction, some of which are illustrated in previous experiments detailed below.

QR Code 1 (May 2018): This pigment print of a custom-made QR code was an experiment on graphic and geometric shapes, inspired by a recurring interest in De Stilj, Suprematism, Bauhaus and similar art traditions. 

When An Other Comes Calling (Nov 2017): This early video experiment on communications used morse code as a device to convey the word hello in 20 languages, each one represented by a flickering light colour-coded based on geographic regions.